What is Twinkle Twos?

Twinkle Twos is an introductory dance class for 2-3 year olds specifically designed for self expression, creativity, gaining awareness of movement and increasing self esteem.  We cover basic fundamentals of dance using ballet and a variety of simple movements.


Twinkle Twos is FUN and introduces young dancers to a classroom setting while dancing with new friends!

How long are the sessions?
Each session includes 4 consecutive classes, during the regular dance season, and each class is 30 minutes long.

Sessions are non-progressive. It is not necessary to take Session 1 to participate in Session 2, etc. Neither class participates in the spring recital.

What do dancers wear?
We want our dancers to be as comfortable as possible while still wearing clothing that allows our instructors to see their body.

Attire: There is no need to purchase special clothing for Twinkle Twos! Although leotards, tutus and tights are welcome, we allow simple form fitting, movable clothing, too!

Shoes: Ballet slippers, comfortable soft soled shoes or socks with rubber grips.

Can parents watch?

We ask that, when possible, dancers attend class on their own.  We find that dancers learn more and focus much better with less distrations.

The last class of each session includes a parent/family demonstration.

What does it cost?

Each 4 class session is just $45!

There is no registration fee or on-going commitment.

How do I register?

There are 3 different ways to register:

  1. Call and register over the phone.
  2. Register online below.
  3. Stop in, in person and register at the front desk.

Registration is OPEN!

Don’t stress! There are no wait lists or second options… if you want a class and time, you will get it.