What do parents & students have to say about AAD?

We would not be who we are without the support of our dance families. Thank YOU for your kind words!
I was honored to be a staff member of Amanda’s Academy of Dance for 4 years and I’m grateful to continue being involved as an outreach instructor. Miss Amanda was one of the first people to give me an opportunity in my teaching career and has continued to be an unbelievable mentor since my first day at the studio! Amanda as well as the full staff at AAD is incredibly qualified and a wonderfully talented, inclusive skilled group of people! Because of my time at Amanda’s and the training I received, as well as my time teaching and learning, I now have a fulltime career as a Freelance Choreographer traveling the country dancing! I am forever grateful for my time at Amanda’s Academy of Dance!
-Mr. Nick Quamme

It has been a joy and an honor to be a part of the AAD Family for over 15 years now. Both of my daughters began their dance journeys at the age of three. Because of the addition of their dance experience at AAD, I have watched them grow into beautiful, confident, and inspirational young ladies.

I feel confident that my dancers are learning through a balance of fun and commitment through Amanda’s philosophies.  Her professionalism; yet generous heart and empathetic way she runs the studio shows through her dedication to individualism. Every dancer is part of her team and she adapts to every families’ needs.  It is a dance studio for every – body and everyone. Each individual dancer’s talents, strengths, and even weaknesses are embraced and made real through movement and choreography.  There is a non-competitive nature of the studio that is demonstrated through the pure beauty of allowing dancers to “just dance”Dance became my daughters’ outlet in life. 

 Thanks to AAD my girls are more confident, inspired to be themselves and know that their AAD family has their back – no matter what.  I commend Miss Amanda, Mr. Jay, the staff, and all of the dancers at AAD for inspiring us all!

-Christina Knudsen

WOW!!! That is what I thought leaving Viterbo on Saturday. The performance was spectacular. Very professional and well organized. You, and the entire staff, should be so proud of what you have accomplished. Thanks for giving our children such an amazing experience!
-Sarah's Mom

Amanda and the studio have been a part of our lives from the beginning, from the very first day I signed Tia up for her first dance class 20 years ago. In the early years many parents waited at the studio during class times, little did we know we were building strong friendships. We also got to know the dancers over the years; I really enjoyed watching them grow together, as well as individuals year after year. I’m very thankful for the role Amanda’s has played in Tia’s life. She has built confidence and self-esteem and she is the most courageous, outgoing, confident young lady I know. This happened because of the studio and Amanda. Amanda is an owner, a teacher, a role model, and most of all a friend. I can’t think of a better place for my child to spend her time and become the person she is today.

Amanda’s Academy of Dance is the best investment I have made for my daughter.

-Kris Jensen

Miss Amanda and the entire AAD staff truly know what it means to care about their dancers. Every week we travel to the studio, from 30 minutes away, eager and excited for our children to learn from their staff. They come home happy, inspired and motivated to dance and are simply a pleasure to be around. I can only hope that one day they will grow into the same role models we witness at AAD. Thank you!
-Jo's Mom

“AAD is the place to be!”
My daughter has danced at a couple local studios off & on since she was 3. She joined AAD this last dance season and she’s now 10. She’s in love with the teachers, the other dancers and their families! When asked what her favorite place is, she says “the dance studio is my happy place!” That’s all thanks to the positive and welcoming atmosphere at AAD. They truly care for each dancer and meet them where they are. My daughter says “they get me.” As a parent, there’s not much better feeling than knowing that you’ve found such a positive environment that nurtures your child’s physical, mental, social and emotional growth especially while having so much fun! As a parent I also love AAD. The staff communicate regularly and openly. They’re available for questions & concerns. The prices are reasonable and the class schedule is decent for working families.
We’re so grateful to be part of the AAD family!

-Lisa Mahoney

We have been a member of the AAD family for several years. My children are always welcomed and encouraged to be themselves, have fun, and challenge their dance abilities. My daughters especially love the opportunity to experience and learn Irish dance. AAD provides a unique dance experience that helped my family find their forever dance home!
-Sue Adams

Realizing that this is my last year of dance… After 15 years together I consider my dance friends my sisters I couldn’t ask for a better group to grow up with. Thank you Miss Amanda! You have been my role model since I was 2 years old, you taught me that being myself and doing what I love with people I love was the most important thing in life. You laughed with us, cried with us, screamed with excitement from the side and most importantly you were there every step of the way. I’ll never go a day without thinking about our memories together.
-Miss Tia 2013

My daughter started AAD at the young age of 3.  Being new to the dance world and with her being so young I wasn’t sure what to expect.  AAD was more than welcoming.  The atmosphere at AAD is great and the instructors are informational and very patient, especially with such spirited 3 year old like my daughter.  We are now have started our 3rd year with AAD and my daughter has grown and learned so much; not just dance but also how to be respectful and caring.  If we had it to do all over again AAD is the place. It is truly a great place to have your son or daughter meet new friends, have fun, and learn dance along the way
-Lacey Pasch

Thank you, Miss Amanda for taking the time out of your busy night to sit with our little dancer and make her feel better about going into dance. She loves to dance!  I think this week will be much better thanks to you focusing your attention on her. I really appreciated it and it just shows how much you truly care about ALL your dancers! Thanks again and we will see you on dance night!


-Aubrey's Mom

Being a dancer is what gets me through life. No matter what I’m feeling dance is a way to express myself. Amanda’s Academy of Dance is more than a dance studio to me, it’s home. The faculty is simply amazing and they welcome you with open arms. At AAD you’re not just another dancer, you’re part of our family.

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