Policies & Communication

Communication is key.


At AAD, we value our relationships with students and parents above all else. We guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll work with you to make it right!
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  • “News on the Move” newsletter sent via email.
  • Recital Handbook issued prior to recital.
  • We ask each family to provide a valid email address as all important updates are sent via email. AAD makes every effort to keep students and parents informed if an email address is not available.  If you have questions, please stop at the desk and let us know!
  •  Stay connected and up to date with AAD via Facebook and Instagram!  Share photos, stories & ideas, stay up to date on events & performances!
  • Comprehensive private AAD online parent login with even more information! www.dmparentportal.com/studio505


  •  In late May or early June, we end our dance season with a professional and highly anticipated recital. We encourage all of our students to participate, but do not require it. Recital is a wonderful opportunity for your child to showcase all their hard work made throughout the year.  Recital tickets are reserved seating and go on sale in mid April.
  • The annual spring recital, local festivals, parades, competitions and events are all performance opportunities for AAD students.  All classes participate in the recital, except Twinkle Twos. Other performances, classes are selected by individual instructors based on event, stage size and other factors.


  • Parents are invited to observe the last 5-10 minutes of the last lesson of each month.  Parents are asked to observe quietly so students can focus on their exercises and instructors can train without distractions. There is no observation after January 31, as we begin preparing for our spring recital.

Inclement Weather

  • In the case of inclement weather, a message will be left on AAD’s outgoing phone message and on AAD social media sites no later than 3:00 PM.  We do not necessarily follow school closings. If more than one class is cancelled in a season it may be made up during other classes or will be rescheduled.  One snow day is built into AAD season’s tuition.


  • In order to take full advantage of the instruction offered, regular class attendance is necessary.  As a courtesy to the entire class, please avoid being tardy. Students must attend the final 8 classes before the spring recital.  Students should do their best to be on time for class and try not to leave early unless it is an emergency or important event.  All  circumstances will be considered.  There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes.  Students may attend an alternate class for a make-up.

Costume Orders

  • A $50 non-refundable costume deposit is due November 1 (per costume/class). The balance for all costumes is due the first week of February.  Young classes (such as Kidance & Kidtap classes) only have one costume for both classes. Tap and Hip Hop classes typically include just an accessory charge to help keep costs down. In some cases, “make-your-own costume” instructions will be issued.


  • AAD offers plenty of free downtown parking on the north side of the building, near the entrance of the studio.  Overflow parking is available in the lot adjacent to the AAD lot.  Please feel free to park in either lot or on Division Street.
  • We also offer safe car to door accessibility for those families who prefer to just drop off and pick up their dancer.

Tuition Policies & Discounts

    • Tuition is due the first of each month.
    • September tuition, May tuition deposit and the registration fee can by paid by check, cash or debit card. Each month after, monthly tuition (October-May) will be paid by automatic bank account debit. Payments will be debited from your account on the 1st day of each month. To avoid the auto withdrawal and the $2.00 processing fee you may pay, at the front desk, by cash, check or debit card by the 25th of the prior month. Costume deposits/balances, shoes and other charges will be included in the monthly emailed invoice & will be deducted as stated on your registration.  *A final deduction on July 1st (or within 2 months of class withdrawal) will take place on ALL remaining account balances; including tuition and other charges. 

      AAD requires checking account information for all accounts. Unless paid by cash, check or debit card before the 25th of the prior month (in person, by mail or over the phone), your full account balance will be deducted from the checking account below on the 1st of every month. A $2.00 auto pay processing fee will be included. Account balances & payment history can be found via the parent portal: www.dmparentportal.com/studio505 .

    • Late payments could reflect an $8.00 late fee.
    • Invoices are sent by e-mail only to past due accounts.
    • Registration Fee: The Registration fee is a $60.00 non-refundable deposit.  This amount includes a $30.00 processing fee and $30.00 which is applied to your May tuition balance.
    • Tuition may be paid with cash, check, or debit card (Visa & MC), electronically debited a checking account ($2.00 convenience fee) or paid via PayPal/online Credit Card (3% convenience fee).
    • Summer registration fee is a flat $5.00 fee if paid via Paypal or online Credit Card.
    • There is a $30 charge for NSF checks.
    • Adults and College Student Discount:  Tuition is $45 a month for the first hour class, each additional class is $20.00 per month. This offer does not apply to high school students.  Dance Basics, Middle Eastern & Barre Fitness workshops do not apply to this discount.
    • Additional Students from the Same Household: Families receive a 10% discount off additional family members.  Discount does not apply to special workshops/classes and can not be applied to other discounts (such as the Infinite Dancer Discount).
    • Entire Season Discount: If paying for the entire season, you receive a 5% discount (when using check or cash) on the entire season’s balance before Oct. 1.
    • Infinite Dancer Tuition Discount: Dancers who take 5-6 hours of classes per week pay $140.00-$180 for unlimited number of classes.
    • By attending an extra rehearsal, you are agreeing to have a semi-private lesson charge added to your account. Charges are divided equally between participants.
    • Tuition is based off of an entire year of classes. Classes missed by an individual dancer will not be pro-rated or refunded.
    • Tuition, deposits & costumes are non transferable or refundable.
    • Withdrawal from any class requires written notice before the 1st of the month. Monthly tuition/charges will continue to be billed until notice is documented. A response from AAD is required to ensure cancellation notice was received. Notice received after the 1st of the month will still be charged for the full month.
    • Auto Payment Authorization: By registering with AAD you authorize AAD to debit your account as identified on your registration form. This authorization shall remain in effect until the terms stated have been met or until Amanda’s Academy of Dance has received written notification from me of intent to terminate at such time and in such manner as to afford Amanda’s Academy of Dance and bank reasonable opportunity to act (minimum of 30 days). All other changes such as payment amount, frequency, bank account number change, will require a new Payment Authorization Form to be filled out and submitted to Amanda’s Academy of Dance 5 days prior to any change being implemented. If funds are uncollectable,  the payment plan may be cancelled by Amanda’s Academy of Dance and a returned check fee will be added to the stated account. *I represent and warrant that I am authorized to execute this payment authorization for the purpose of implementing this payment plan. I indemnify and hold Amanda’s Academy of Dance the check processor, and the bank harmless from damage, loss, or claim resulting from all authorized actions hereunde.