Thanks to the donations of generous people in our community, we are happy to provide a scholarship program for dancers and families who enjoy having dance in their lives, but need some assistance covering the cost of classes and other expenses.


 All scholarships for the upcoming season must be received by October 31. Applications will be reviewed, and funds will be dispersed based on availability. Any applications received after the deadline will be considered as additional funds become available.

If you have any questions about applying for a scholarship, please contact us at

Scholarship Application

Dancer(s) Names(Required)
In a few sentences, please help us understand what kind of impact dance has or could have in your life. What makes you a good candidate to be considered for a scholarship?

Scholarship Recipients must consent to the following requirements: Regular class attendance, participation in performances and events when offered and a being a positive representation of AAD in all respects. By clicking SUBMIT, I agree to this statement.