The Irish program at Amanda’s Academy of Dance continues the legacy of honoring Irish heritage and tradition through the art of Irish dance. We are committed to teaching boys and girls dance that is traditional yet innovative in a nurturing and productive environment. We encourage the values of respect, self-discipline, self-confidence and teamwork. There are no auditions or qualifiers, just the individual’s interest in learning to Irish dance.


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Irish classes are offered for students age 6-advanced & Beginning Adults!


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Kid-Irish: An intro to Irish technique is taught & is the main focus throughout the year. [break/]
Irish I & Adult: Basic technique is taught & is the main focus throughout the year. Students will learn the beginner jig and reel. [break/]
Irish II & Adult: Students who have had 1-2 yrs. experience in Irish dance will be placed in this  advanced beginning class. Basic technique is reviewed & continued & an intro to hard shoe will begin in this level.   [break/]
Irish III: Dancers will learn more challenging dances in hard & soft shoe. Additional team dances will be taught. Students will be encouraged to excel in their knowledge of form, posture and rhythm.  [break/]
Irish IV: Dancers will further advance in the complexity of the steps in their dances, including the jig, reel & slip jig & also will learn different hard shoe timings in the slow hornpipe, slow treble jig & traditional set.  [break/]
Irish V: This level demands more time dedicated to stamina & set dances. Students will demonstrate the most advanced steps & will serve as an example of excellence to audiences & younger students. 

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