Class Descriptions

Technique Classes


  • Level I      (8-11 or teacher recommendation) A beginner level. This level is designed so the young beginner dancer can attend Ballet, Tap and Jazz classes in their entirety.
  • Level II    (9-11 or teacher recommendation) An advanced beginner level. Enrollment in Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Pre-Pointe is based on instructor recommendation.
  • Level III   (Level based on skill rather than age) An intermediate to beg. intermediate level. Enrollment in Pre-Pointe/Pointe I, Ballet, Tap & Jazz is based on instructor recommendation. This level is perfect for those dancers wanting to try new classes and dance disciplines.
  • Level IV   (Level based on skill rather than age) An advanced intermediate level. Enrollment in Pointe, Ballet, Tap & Jazz is based on instructor recommendation.
  • Level V     (Level based on skill rather than age) An advanced level. Enrollment in Pointe, Ballet, Tap & Jazz is based on instructor recommendation.


Ballet I- V

A classical form of dance that provides a strong, solid technical base for all other dance forms. Classical technique including barre, center work, progressions across the floor & vocabulary. Emphasis on developing correct placement, habits & a solid foundation for future dance study.


Jazz I-V

A full body warm-up including center, across the floor and combinations. Includes jazz history and terminology; also an exploration of different jazz styles – theatrical, classical, lyrical, etc. Fun, upbeat style of dance that stems from ballet and combines today’s stylish moves with energetic, popular, age-appropriate music.


Tap I-V

Tap technique, stylization, terminology, historical background and an emphasis on rhythmic skills. Great for developing rhythmic coordination skills.  Traditional and contemporary styles explored.


Pre-Pointe, Pointe for Level III-V

Pointe requires a solid foundation of advance Ballet technique. The instructor determines when a student is technically and physically capable of beginning Pointe work. This class must be upon teacher recommendation and accompany a regular ballet class. Students must have completed pre-Pointe to take Pointe for Level III, IV &/or V.


Specialty Classes


Hip Hop

An athletic combination of fast footwork, free-style dance, salsa, and martial arts moves, done to pulsating street-style music. This class combines the high energy of Hip-Hop with traditional Jazz technique. It is recommended to take a technique class such as ballet or jazz to optimize your hip hop experience.

Boys Hip Hop: “No Tutus! No Tights! Just Boys!”


Musical Theatre I-V

Explore dance through Broadway musicals. Technical skills and choreography are the basis of MT. This class uses community and competitive performances to enhance dance and life skills. Ballet and jazz are required (II-V) and tap is encouraged, as this is a competition class.


Irish Step

(age 6 – adult) Kid-Irish: An introduction to Irish technique is taught and is the main focus throughout the year. Irish I: Basic technique is taught and is the main focus throughout the year. Students will learn the beginner jig and reel. Irish I-Advanced: Students who have had 1-2 yrs. experience in Irish dance will be placed in this more advanced beginning class. Basic technique is reviewed & continued though out the season.  An introduction to hard shoe will begin in this level. Irish II:  Dancers will learn more challenging soft shoe steps in the reel and slip jig. Once posture and correct form are achieved, students will learn the traditional hornpipe in hard shoes. Irish III: Dancers will learn more challenging dances in hard and soft shoe.  Additional team dances will be taught. Students will be encouraged to excel in their knowledge of form, posture and rhythm. Irish IV: Dancers will further advance in the complexity of the steps in their dances, including the jig, reel and slip jig and will learn different hard shoe timings in the slow hornpipe, slow treble jig and traditional set. Irish V: This level demands a different type of training; more time is dedicated to stamina and set dances. Students will demonstrate the most advanced steps and will serve as an example of excellence to audiences and younger students. 


Lyrical I-V

A highly technical style of dance that fuses ballet and jazz to show the meaning of music. This style will challenge students to use movement and emotion to tell a story. Choreography is often emotional, gripping and delicate all at the same time while allowing spirit to tell where the dance will go. Ballet is required to take lyrical.


Modern II/III & IV/V

A style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling. Free movement – Modern II/III: no technical training needed. Modern IV/V: a Ballet &/or Jazz Technique class required.