Dress Code

At AAD we encourage our students to express their personality in their dancewear. Colors and styles may be chosen by each student as long as it is proper dance attire (tights, leotard, etc. and appropriate footwear) in all classes. We ask that all students follow this simple dress code to reflect professionalism and discipline allowing teachers to see body lines and make appropriate corrections. We just ask that there are no street attire articles or t-shirts worn over leotards and no sweat pants or gym shorts in technique classes. Following the dress code shows respect to the studio, instructor and fellow students, but we can still have fun!

Dress it up! 


Children’s Classes:

Twinkle Twos, Firsteps, Kidance/Tap I, Kidance/Tap II
Any color leotard, tights or danceable clothing. Pink ballet shoes for ballet based classes & black single strap tap shoes are required for tap. Tutus, skirts, dance shorts or leggings are welcome. Hair should be secured away from face in barrettes, headband, ponytail or a bun, if possible.
For safety, subtle to no jewelry.


Boys Hip Hop

Tshirts, athletic shorts or basketball type pants are welcome. Clean soled tennis shoes. Shoes worn outside will not be allowed in the studio.



Tshirt, leotard or tank top with shorts that show the knee or tightly fit leggings. Ghillies (soft) shoes.


Level I-V Classes

Class Style




Ballet / *Lyrical / *Modern Any color leotard. Tights, shorts, skirt or leggings Pink Leather Ballet
*Half Soles
Bun or secure ponytail
Jazz / Tap / Musical Th. Any color leotard. Tights, shorts, pants or leggings Nude Split Sole Jazz Bun, braid or secure ponytail
Hip Hop – girls Form fitting tank top or t-shirt, leggings, joggers Level I: Clean soled t. shoes.Level II-V: Cutie Pie HH shoes Braid or secure ponytail
Hip Hop – guys T-shirt, athletic pants or shorts Clean soled tennis shoes
Irish T-shirt, tank or leotard. Shorts Ghillies &/or hard shoes Bun, braid or secure ponytail

Dance shorts are acceptable in classes as long as tights are worn underneath.


Other Classroom Policies:

  • Must have hair secured off face in ponytail or bun.
  • Must wear appropriate dance attire.
  • Subtle to no jewelry.
  • No gum chewing.
  • Warm up attire is allowed only during the first 15 minutes of class, after which we ask that it is removed.
  • We ask that food and drinks are left in reception area.


If there is ever a question, please feel free to ask your  instructor what he or she would prefer regarding classroom attire and expectations.