Ages 8 & above

Technique & Specialty Classes

Due to the wide variety of curriculums taught from studio to studio, please refer to the general descriptions & guidelines of each class to help understand our levels of progression. These are approximate level progressions; students may progress at different rates. Levels do overlap slightly depending on how much training dancers had in those years. Placement will ultimately be determined by the faculty of AAD in the best interests of each student upon registration; based on expertise of the curriculum, skill ability and performance proficiency.
Students remain in each level for approximately two – three years.

Level I (ages 8-11)

Level II (ages 9-11)

Level III (based on skill)

Level IV (based on skill)

Level V (based on skill)

^ Enrollment by teacher recommendation only *Enrollment in Ballet required **Enrollment in Ballet & Jazz required


Classes Begin Monday, September 12, 2016



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